Private Cellular

Manage, Control and Secure Private Data on any Public Cellular Network.

PAStech provides enterprises with secure, scalable, private intranet, enabling a true Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution wherever there is cellular connectivity.

Enterprises aspire to take advantage of the Internet of Things. As part of this ongoing digital transformation, businesses must manage different kinds of “things” or devices, and provide access to different kinds of mobile workers over public cellular networks.

However, businesses are typically given no tools to manage this complexity, and have no control over how their own data is stored or observed in public.

PAStech gives businesses a secure, scalable, private intranet, so that data can be managed and controlled over any public cellular network.

How PAStech Private Cellular Works

PAStech places the entire wireless carrier network in the hands of enterprises.
This allows them to easily manage configure and control LTE connected devices on their own, creating a single IoT solution without needing to rely on third-party telecoms providers. There is no waiting and no delays.

By using PAStech, businesses can now quickly, efficiently and securely deploy connected ‘things’ over cellular networks, no matter where those devices are deployed in the world.


Domestic and global
roaming for all of your
enterprise devices.

Fully managed and secured IoT solutions

Global Corporate Network access

Secured 3rd Party Contractor access

Key Benefits of PAStech’s Private Cellular Platform

Secure, Private Cellular Networks

Enterprises have end-to-end control of the data path for complete security on
public cellular networks.

Software Platform

PAStech Private Cellular Platform is a software-based solution. All that’s needed is
a SIM card (owned by the enterprise) to get started, which allows easy integration
into existing IT processes, fast deployment and complete control over data.

Platform as a Service Model

Quickly adapt to changing business demands, pay as you grow, and scale up (or
scale down) by taking advantage of PAStech’s cloud-based model.


Work with any carrier, or across multiple carriers and countries, to create a
private intranet wherever there is a cellular network.