Data Visualization

Visualise your business’ performance in real-time on any device.

PAStech enables businesses to see a real-time portrait of all processes and data sources from one simple interface, from any device.
Powered by Visual KPI:  a software specifically designed for data intensive industries, empowering decision makers with real-time business visibility.

How it works


Installed on premise or in the cloud as part of the PAStech managed services platform, Visual KPI reads your data from its original sources.

We create the business context you need around the data so that you can make critical business decisions in real-time.

Your dashboards, your data displayed your way.

Its that simple, it’s that quick.

Trusted by the best

Hundreds of the world’s leading companies in various industries use Visual KPI every day to improve operations, reduce downtime, and make better decisions.

Have a look at their Visual KPI review.

How it looks?

Visual KPI is very powerful, you can embed KPI's widgets in your business' portal. This is a widget example of our instance used in the office (updates every minute):

Have a look at the full demo here

Monitor your

  • Real-time data
  • Physical assets
  • Financial assets
  • Human assets
  • Sites
  • Data centres
  • Power generation
  • Power Consumption
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Pipelines
  • Trucks, trains, ships
  • Projects
  • Production
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Communications

Easy to get started


Up and running in 90 minutes

On-premise or in the cloud

No coding required