Instrumentation & Electrical

LV and ELV

PAStech offer a complete I&E solution for LV and ELV across a wide range of industries and equipment:

  • Industrial electrical & instrumentation installation, pre commissioning, commissioning, completions, start – up and operational support
  • Pre-fabricated package design, engineering, construction, testing, compliance, retro fitting and site installation
  • Installation, testing and commissioning in Hazardous Areas
  • Hazardous Area Auditors
  • Calibration and Testing of Electrical & Instrumentation Apparatus
  • Control Valve installation, maintenance, fault rectification and calibration of unit, controller and actuator
  • Swagelok Certified Instrument Tube Installation Technicians
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Technicians with a broad knowledge of Automated Control Systems and Pneumatics
  • Demolition and safe removal of existing installations
  • Fisher DVC Re-Conditioning & Calibration
  • Testing and Tagging/Apparatus Testing
  • CSG Well Intervention, Demolition and Re-Installation of Instrumentation & Electrical Surface Facilities (Supporting On-Shore Rig Activity – Brown Fields)
  • EEHA Auditing
  • EEHA Compliance Checks
  • EEHA Maintenance
  • Instrumentation & Electrical Planned Preventative & Un-Planned Reactive Maintenance
  • Instrumentation & Electrical Fault Rectification



  • Soil Resistivity to Underground Earth Grid/Equipment Earth Testing (Low Ohm)
  • Permanent & Relocatable Infrastructure Earth Testing
  • LV Distribution Board Integrity Testing
  • LV Distribution Board Sub Circuit Earth Leakage Testing
  • Emergency Lighting Testing
  • Current (I) Load Testing
  • Phase Rotation Testing
  • Generator Integrity Testing (Electrical)
  • Battery Integrity Testing
  • Vibration Testing (velocity & displacement on rotating equipment)