Control Systems

Core to the PAStech business is control systems. PAStech draws from a large team of experienced controls engineers to offer industry leading services when it comes to control systems.

  • Extensive knowledge of multiple ICSS Platforms including Yokogawa software and hardware, Emerson software and hardware and Honeywell software and hardware.
  • Experience with both traditional and advanced instrumentation technologies such as Yokogawa Asset Management systems (PRM), Emerson Asset management systems (AMS), Hart, Foundation fieldbus and Digital Valve controllers (DVC)


  • Fisher ROC 800
  • FloBoss 103&107
  • Yokogawa Stardom
  • Honeywell rtu2020


  • Yokogawa Prosafe
  • Hima
  • Triconex


  • Emerson Delta V
  • Yokogawa Centum


  • Rockwell/Allen Bradley
  • Schneider Electric Quantum
  • Siemens
  • Télémécanique
  • Mitsubishi
  • Omron
  • Redlion
  • GEM80
  • ControlWave Micro


  • Citec Scada
  • Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS
  • Honeywell Experion
  • Wonderware
  • Siemens Win CC
  • Allen Bradley RS view
  • IFIX
  • Schneider Monitor Pro
  • GE Proficy iFix & Historian

Industrial & IoT Protocols

  • Modbus (TCP and RTU)
  • DNP3
  • OPC
  • Profibus
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • MQTT

In addition to core systems expertise, PAStech has a wealth of proven industry experience with field devices and interfaces including:

  • Traditional and advanced instrumentation technologies such as HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Digital Valve Controllers;
  • VSDs, Switchboards, Condition Monitoring Systems