Automated Low Point Drain

The PAStech Automated Low Point Drain (LPD) skid is an all in one solution for the de-watering and re-injection of gas gathering network pipelines.

Our patented design (Patent No. 2018101697) utilises the gas pipeline head pressure to lift water and a positive displacement pump to re-inject water into gathering lines up to 650 kPag.

The LPD design is completely flexible and can be optimised to meet specific customer requirements. PAStech, in collaboration with Solar Injection, offers industry leading re-injection pump design for all applications.


  • Simple setup & installation
  • Single button manual cycle
    (i.e. field operator friendly)
  • Hazardous Area audited design
  • RPEQ certification for Queensland
  • Tolerant to solids & brackish water


  • 4G/LTE connectivity
  • Data logging / reporting
  • Self-optimisation mode
  • High pressure re-injection available
  • Customisation by client request

Key Specs.

  • Re-injection rate: 97 LPH
  • Holding tank volume: 300 L
  • Power supply: 300 W Solar / 360 Ah